The Secret to Athletic Success

Why is it that one day we can hit every ball right down the middle,The Secret to Athletic Success Articles or pick up every frame and the next day, or game, we can hardly keep it on the fairway or in the lane? What causes athletic inconsistency? What is the secret to athletic success?

When you talk to professional athletes they speak of being in the zone when performing at a high level. If you talk to a running back he’ll explain how everyone seemed to move in slow motion and that the hole seemed wide enough to drive a truck through. A tennis player might tell us she could see the spin of the ball and could anticipate exactly where her opponent was going to hit it. A bowler might say he was in the groove. What is this zone that these athletes describe and how do we get into it?

Before we talk about getting into this zone let’s talk about the realities of athletics. Most likely you are not a professional athlete. You are probably a regular person that has lots of interests besides bowling, basketball or whatever your chosen sport(s) happen to be. So if you aren’t a professional athlete, spending hundreds of hours a year at your profession, you probably aren’t going to hit scratch golf every time you go out or become a karate champion, but you may become mantap168  your club champion and you may win a local tournament or two. In other words you can become the best athlete possible depending on the time you choose to invest in your sport. So get over trying to be a pro, unless you have the time to invest to play at that level, and decide to develop your abilities to the level where you both play your best, and enjoy every moment you play.

The 5 Steps to Athletic Success

1. Get a Coach –Few people who participate in athletic activities actually get instruction. For example the number of people who actually get lessons from a pro golfer over their lifetimes is about eleven percent. The number of people that get training from a personal trainer at a gym is about the same. What is the percentage of people that actually take tennis lessons?  You might have guessed, it’s about the same.

It would be nice if all we had to do is watch someone else and be able to play a sport well, but for most of us this is just not a reality. Even the pros have coaches. Golfing sensation Tiger Woods has Hank Haney. Steffi Graf had her father Peter. Even the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, had Angelo Dundee. All the greats have coaches and so should you.

In order to play any sport well you need to learn the basics; how to maximize your exercises, place your body, kick your leg, roll the ball, etc. Coaches can shortcut the time it takes to become proficient at any sport while reducing your chance of injury due to incorrect form.  Get a coach.2. Practice – How did you learn to walk? You practiced. After you crawled around for a while you decided to walk and hang on to the furniture. Then you stumbled around, bumping your head and bottom until you could walk. If you would have laid in your crib and only watched people walk you would have never learned how. The same goes for playing a sport. You cannot sit watching Tiger Woods on TV, never going to the driving range and expect to be able to play on the pro circuit. You won’t be able to watch old Bruce Lee movies and become a black belt. And you won’t be able to become a marathon runner by walking a mile every few days. For any sport you need to learn the rules, practice the basic techniques of the game and develop your body to be able to play the sport comfortably. 3. Set a Goal – Human beings are goal seeking mechanisms. In order to achieve you need to be able to have something to reach for, something tangible. If you want to improve your golf game you need to set a tangible goal of decreasing your score to 80. If you want to bowl better you need to set a goal to increase your score to an average of 180. If you want to be invited to body building contests you need to set a goal of less than 10 percent body fat. Now these may not be your goals but they are real goals, goals that you can shoot for and achieve. You see the one thing that all achievers do is set goals. We become better when we have a goal to focus on.